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All of Bob's photographs are available in any size reproduction art print.
In addition, many of his pictures are available as greeting cards.

The gallery in this website is only a small sampling of Bob's work.
If you would like to see more, or if you would like to
order prints or greeting cards, please contact Bob directly at
(707) 762-2755


Bob Hoffman is a nature, wildlife, and wedding photographer, who brings a unique perspective to all his photography.

Bob has been specializing in nature and wildlife photography for the past 20 years. His nature photography allows him to combine his love of the outdoors with his desire to express his feelings and vision through art.

He thinks of his work as Zen photography, both because of how Zen philosophy influences his approach to the photographic experience, and how he has been influenced by Zen painting. Like Zen, his photographs are a gentle voice of inner calmness in our sometimes too frantic world.

There is an emphasis on simplicity, quietness, and form. His photographs often portray an aesthetics of silence, where the empty or out-of-focus spaces are as important as what we rationally consider the "subject" of the picture. Because of this, it is important to look at each part of the picture to understand the whole. Through his pictures, Bob tries to help us see so that we can find beauty in common things that we previously ignored or look at things in new ways. Even tiny parts of flowers become objects of great beauty.

It is Bob's hope that his pictures impart a feeling of peace and calmness to the viewer's spirit; that they expand our perception of the world, and in that way better understand ourselves, as well as other people, animals, and things with whom we share this world. Through understanding comes caring and compassion.

Bob also does wedding photography, bringing the same philosophy of Zen, gently and unobtrusively capturing the perfect moment, that he brings to his nature photography. In both his nature and wedding photographs, Bob's goal is to capture moments in time that provide "images for the heart." and "wordless insights."